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Project 03

Center for victims of sexual abuse in a developing country

Description of the project

*** This project is being studied. This is just a sketch of the project. Deep studies will be made to ensure we are giving the best help we can give. Many modifications will be made to this project. The goal of sharing this is to have total transparency. You can follow the progress and the accomplishment of this project since the beginning.***


Where: Colombia 








For who: People that have or are experiencing sexual abuse.  


The help that will be provided: The center will also be a shelter for the victims to give them security and peace. A social worker and a psychologist will also be there to give them help and support. A decompress room will be available for the victims. The room will have meditation section and a fitness section. In the room will help reduce rage by boxing, dancing, working out, meditating, and more. 

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