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Project 02

A Home for the children on the street

Description of the project

*** This project is being studied. This is just a sketch of the project. Deep studies will be made to ensure we are giving the best help we can give. Many modifications will be made to this project. The goal of sharing this is to have total transparency. You can follow the progress and the accomplishment of this project since the beginning.***


Where: Colombia( for starters)


For who: Children that don't have a home.


Help that will be provided: The children will have a place to live. The basic needs will be given. Also, the home will offer transportation or accompaniment to the nearest school to ensure they have an education. Activities will be created to establish important values in those children lives. Scholarships will be given for the purpose to motivate them and to give the chance of having a better future. A program of sponsorship and adoption will be created to give the opportunity for the children to have a real family or the guarantee their studies. 

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